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9-12 June 13th International AquaConSoil Conference on sustainable use and management of soil, sediment and (ground)water resources, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Conference topics:
Dealing with Contamination: Assessment and monitoring Risk assessment Remediation Management,
Functions of Soil and Groundwater: New subsurface activities Competing claims Win-win situations.
The AquaConSoil program will offer Thematic Lecture Sessions, Poster Sessions, Special Sessions, Exhibition, Technical Tours, Courses and other accompanying side events.
AquaConSoil is organized by Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ and Deltares. Local co-organizer of the event is a consortium consisting of Danish scientists, policy makers, planners and practitioners, headed by the ATV Foundation of Soil and Groundwater. More info here.
Any news about the conference will be announced via
www.aquaconsoil.org and via our LinkedIn-group.
12-15 January 8th International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments, New Orleans, Louisiana USA.
Conference sessions will be organized into five thematic tracks:
Management and Policy
Remedy Performance and Challenges
Remediation Processes
Characterization, Assessment, and Monitoring
Sediment Processes and Modeling
The Sediments Conference series is organized and presented by Battelle as a forum for sharing experience and progress toward the goal of remediating, restoring and maintaining the environmental and economic viability of rivers, lakes, bays, and harbors. Each Conference addresses the challenges of combining basic research, new characterization and assessment methodologies, innovative engineering and good management practices to address the challenges of all stakeholders.
For more information, see www.battelle.org
11-14 December IAHS/ICCE 2014 symposium - Sediment Dynamics:from the Summit to the Sea, New Orleans, USA. More info here.
22-26 September Littoral 2014 - Facing present and future coastal challenges, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Littoral 2014 is jointly organized by the Coastal Research & Planning Institute of Klaipeda University Marine Science & Technology Center, the Baltic States Office of EUCC Coastal and Marine Union and Association Baltic Valley, Lithuania.
Announcement. More info: http://balticlagoons.net/littoral2014
17-19 September 4th International Symposium on Sediment Management (I2SM), Ferrara, Italy.
Deadline for submission of abstracts is scheduled for November 30, 2013. Download 1th announcement and brochure.
More info: http://i2sm.remtechexpo.com
17-19 September 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Remediation 2014, Ferrara, Italy.
More info: www.sustrem2014.com
3-5 September River Flow 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland.
The upcoming River Flow 2014 is the seventh in a series of conferences, formerly held in Louvain-la Neuve 2002, Naples 2004, Lisbon 2006, eşme-Izmir 2008, Braunschweig 2010 and San Jos 2012.
The Local Organizing Committee invites you to submit an abstract to be presented at the conference.
Abstract submission deadline is 15th September 2013
Further information on the conference is given in the conference website.
1-5 September 15th World Lake Conference, Perugia, Italy.
The Mirrors of the Earth Balancing Ecosystem Integrity and Human Wellbeing, organised by ILEC and USMA.
Call for Abstracts open until 31st March 2014.
More info: www.wlc15perugia.com
2-4 July National French days for coastal and civil engineering - JNGCGC2014, Dunkerque, France
Deadline for abstract submission is 30 January 2014.
Papers can be submitted in English and French.
More info: www.paralia.fr
5-6 June South Baltic Conference on New Technologies and Recent Developments in Flood Protection, Gdańsk, Poland
This international conference will be held at Gdańsk University of Technology.
Deadline for abstract submission: 30 November 2013
For further information please see brochure or visit www.dredgdikes.eu
10-11 April South Baltic Conference on Dredged Materials in Dike Construction, Rostock, Germany / Hohe Dne.
The conference is organised in the framework of the INTERREG project DredgDikes in which the application of dredged materials in dike construction is investigated. There are a variety of research groups dealing with this topic as well as the general applicability of fine-grained organic dredged materials or composite materials in geotechnical engineering. Also, geosynthetics solutions to solve some of the problems connected to the use of fine-grained organic dredged materials in dike constructions will be reviewed.
Geochemical and geotechnical characterisation of dredged materials and composite materials containning dredged materials
Legal background for the beneficial use of dredged materials in geotechnical applications
Utilisation of fine-grained organic dredged materials in geotechnical applications
Utilisation of composite materials containing dredged materials in geotechnical applications
Geosynthetics solutions to improve dredged materials to be used in geotechnical applications
Special aspects and case studies for the use of dredged materials in dike construction
Call for papers: Scientific and technical papers are welcome on all above mentioned topics. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 September 2013.
More information here and on the project website.
4-5 December 49th SETAC Europe: Special Science Symposium "Risk Assessment and Management in Marine Systems: State of the Art and the Chalenges Ahead. Brussels, Belgium.
More info: programme and www.setac.org.
25-26 November 4th SCARCE International Conference: Towards a better understanding of the links between stressors, hazard assessment and ecosystem services under water scarcity, Cdiz, Spain.
More info here and on the SCARCE website: www.scarceconsolider.es
18-19 November Advanced course on Ecosystem Services, Tarragona, Spain.
More info here. The online inscription can be found at the SCARCE website: www.scarceconsolider.es
13-16 November EUROPE-INBO 2013, 11th International Conference on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Registration to the EUROPE-INBO 2013 conference is free of charge but compulsory.
You are invited to present a paper on your practical experiments and you will find here the form necessary for your registration.
The meeting will be organized around roundtables dealing with the updated issues of the Implementation of the EU-WFD, the Implementation of the EU Flood Directive, strategies to face scarcity and droughts and in general the measures to be introduced for adaptation of water resources management to the effect of the climate changes, Science - Policy Interface, etc.
This year, in the context of preparation of the second WFD river basin management plans, which include a review of the monitoring networks and programmes, a workshop dedicated to monitoring will be organized on 13 November 2013 back-to-back with our conference. Its primary objective is to compare practices and practical experiences of monitoring, and promote the exchange of questions and solutions. You are invited also to participate in this workshop.
There will be simultaneous translation into English, French and Bulgarian. More info: www.inbo-news.org
6-9 November 8th International SedNet conference: Innovative Sediment Management: How to do more with less, Lisbon, Portugal.
Call for Abstracts, new deadline 15 April 2013.
4-6 November WFD Lille 2013 Conference, Lille, France. CANCELLED.
More info on  www.wfdlille2013.eu
17 October Unlocking the potential of brownfield sites, London, UK.
CIRIA-led meeting, Announcement and Call for speakers.
Previously used land or brownfields have the potential for delivering useful combinations of services and hence new opportunities. These include opportunities not only for development but also to provide efficient water management, energy sources, improved ecosystem and conservation services, and wider societal benefits, in order to meet other challenges such as adapting to climate change and urban regeneration. Achieving this potential will need an intelligent and holistic suite of technologies, management measures and land use.
This workshop will:
Explore the different options for unlocking the potential of brownfield sites
highlight the different funding mechanisms for the various options
draw on the finding of several major European project such as the GREENLAND and HOMBRE projects
demonstrate good practice though case studies
More info, and a pdf with further details, can be found here.
The event is focused on more sustainable and green (i.e. plant-based) remediation strategies for brownfields.
Speakers on the use of green strategies (e.g. wetlands, reedbeds, green cover, vegetative filter strips) to
(a) control flooding in urban and brownfield areas (linked with SUDS), and
(b) to reduce contaminant reworking into rivers, drains etc.
are invited to contact Prof. Andy Cundy,
Assistant Head of School (Research)
School of Environment and Technology
University of Brighton
Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 4GJ, U.K.
Tel: +44 (0)1273 642270, e-mail: A.Cundy@brighton.ac.uk
13-17 October ECSA 53: Estuaries and coastal areas in times of intense change, Shanghai, China.
ECSA 53 will take place in partnership with the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC) at East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.
More info at: www.estuarinecoastalconference.com
19 September Final Seminar of the SETARMS European project on dredging sediment management, Saint Brieuc, France
More info at: www.setarms.org
18-20 September CoastExpo Conference & Exhibition, Ferrara, Italy.
On 18 September there will be a session on sediments chaired by Prof. Aminti (University of Florence) and prof. Bonomo (University of Milan). Other sessions e.g. about different aspects of coastal zone management (flood directive, MFSD, monitoring, green developments) are under construction and will be published later. More info here.
11-13 September 5th River Restoration Conference - Celebrating Successing and Addressing Challenges, Vienna, Austria.
The 5th River Restoration Conference will highlight what leading river restoration thinkers and practitioners have to offer in helping to bring new thinking into achieving goals of restoring and managing Europes Rivers.
It will show-case inspiring examples of river restoration, evaluate the implementation of existing policies and the realisation of new initiatives.
It will support river managers, those tasked with implementing policy, and those undertaking river restoration on the ground to access current state of the art thinking and approaches.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 April 2013. More info here.
2-5 September Workshop on international sediment advancements (WISA) during International Symposium on River Sedimentation - ISRS2013, Kyoto, Japan. More info here.
4-9 August SIL2013, Diverse water - rich life, Budapest, Hungary. More info here.
29 July -
2 August
NCER 2013 - National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration, Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center, Chicago, USA. Deadline to submit abstracts: 1 November 2012. More info here.
20-21 June International Conference on Solids in River Basins - Sources and Transport of Solids and Contaminants, Karlsruhe, Germany. More info here.
10-12 June THESIS 2013: Symposium on Two-phase Modelling for Sediment dynamics in Geophysical Flows, Chatou, France. Call for Abstracts, deadline 15 September 2012. More info here.
3-7 June 6th International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research (ICWRER), Koblenz, Germany. ICWRER 2013 is focused on Water and Sediment and is jointly organised with SedNet. SedNet will organise a special full-day syposium that addresses sediment processes at the catchment scale.
Download further information or visit www.water-environment.org.
3-7 June WODCON XX - World Dredging Congress, Brussels, Belgium. More info here.
24 May Treatment of sediments from inland waterways: Current and new techniques, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
The PRISMA-project for Promoting Integrated Sediment Management organises a technical meeting on 24th May 2013.
Abstracts for presentations are welcome until 11th March 2013.
More info here, at www.prisma-projects.eu or g.verweij@hhsk.nl
22 April Workshop Reservoir Restoration - Wageningen, The Netherlands.Theme of the workshop is how to deal with the problems associated with an excess of nutrients in sediments:
- how to monitor and forecast algae blooms,
- how to remove the nutrients and algae from the water system
- how to cooperate on global scale.
Programme (pdf). Participation to the workshop is free.
For registration, please send an email to romana.zigova@wur.nl
16-19 April AquaConSoil 2013 - 12th International UFZ-Deltares Conference on Groundwater-Soil-Systems and Water Resource Management", 16-19 April 2013, Barcelona, Spain.
Abstracts for oral presentations and posters can be submitted via the conference management system Converia, at the link that you will find below and on the conference website. By creating a user account in the Converia system, you will be able to both submit your contribution and register for the AquaConSoil Conference.
Please visit www.aquaconsoil.org and click on the Registration and Submission section or use this link.
The deadline for abstract submission is July 31th, 2012.
10-12 April International Congress GESeD, Caen, France
The ERPCB (Team for Research in Physical Chemistry and Biotechnology) of the University of Caen Basse-Normandie (UCBN) and the ESITC Caen (School of Engineering and Construction Works) are jointly organizing an International Congress GESeD, as part of the SETARMS project.
The main focus of this event will be the environmental management of dredged sediments.
The principal topics tackled will be the geochemical and geotechnical characterizations of dredging sediments, the development of alternative strategies for the valorization of dredging sediments in civil engineering operations (in particular road construction) and environmental impact.
Deadline to submit abstracts: 1 November 2012
More info on www.setarms.org
26-28 March Intersoil 2013 - International Conference / Exhibition on Soils, Sediments and Water, Lyon, France. Call for papers open until 15 November 2012. For more info visit www.intersol.fr
4-7 February Battelle conference - Seventh International Conference on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments at the Hyatt Regency, Dallas, Texas. Abstract submission is due 30 June.
Download Call for Abstracts.
More info at: www.battelle.org/conferences/sediments/
For information about opportunities to become a Conference sponsor or exhibitor or for general information on the Conference, you can contact The Conference Group, Inc., by e-mail at info@confgroupinc.com.