19-21 June 7th International Symposium “Monitoring of Mediterranean coastal Areas: problems and measurement techniques”, Livorno, Italy.
Organised by the Institute of Biometeorology of the Italian National Research Council of Italy, in collaboration with other Research Institutes and University Departments.
Sessions on Morphology and evolution of coastlines and seabeds, Coastal landscapes: past and present aspects of human influence, Measures for environment and energy production in the coastal zones, Coastline geography: territorial dynamics and integrated protection, Flora and Fauna of the littoral system: dynamics and protection.
See the conference website.
4-8 June 3rd edition of the I.S.Rivers international conference on integrative sciences and sustainable development of rivers , Lyon, France. See the conference website.
13-17 May 28th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in Rome. Call for abstracts is open until 29 November 2017. See for instance the sediments session: “Holistic Risk Assessment of Chemicals in Sediments and Soils Using Weight of Evidence Approaches” (chairs: Sebastian Höss, Ute Feiler, Susanne Heise, Lucie Bielská) under track 4. Ecological risk assessment and human health risk assessment of chemicals, mixtures and stressors and risk mitigation strategies.
Website: https://rome.setac.org/programme/scientific-programme/call-for-abstracts/
7-11 May 34th PIANC World Congress in Panama. PIANC, the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, and The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will co-host the 34th PIANC World Congress 2018 in Panama City. The Congress will present and discuss the most relevant topics to the waterborne transport infrastructure sector. The event is open also to non-members. Short courses on 6 May. Website: www.pianc2018.com
8-13 April EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria. The yearly European Geosciences Union assembly has a broad programme, covering sediments, sustainable management of deltas, climate change, etc. For details see the website: www.egu2018.eu