7th International SedNet conference on 6-9 April 2011, Venice, Italy

from the Thetis premises to the construction works of the mobile gates to protect Venice and its lagoon from high tides

The MOSE defence system is being built for the complete defence of Venice and of the inhabited areas of the lagoon from high tides of every level, including extreme events. The defence system was created and the solution was chosen after the evaluation of numerous hypotheses. The defence system includes mobile flood gates at the three lagoon inlets, in order to isolate the lagoon from the sea in the case of tides higher than the pre-established height and a series of complementary measures capable of abating the level of the most frequent tides in the area. Contemporaneously, morphological restoration works are being realized in the most deteriorated areas, using the material obtained from dredging at the three inlets, when compatible with the lagoon environment. Work has been proceeding in parallel at the three inlets and it is 63% completed.

For detailed info about MOSE please surf to www.salve.it

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