WG Sediment management at the river basin scale
This work package was concerned with the planning and decision-making necessary for the management of sediment dynamics and outputs at a river basin scale.
Contact: Phil Owens

WG Sediment quality and impact assessment
Understanding of the behavior and fate of contaminants in sediment and dredged material including developments in knowledge on the possibilities of manipulating the behavior and fate and on the understanding of the availability of contaminants to aquatic, fresh water organisms (bioavailability).
Contact: Damià Barceló

WG Sediment and dredged material treatment
Development and/or improvement and implementation of techniques and strategies to treat (clean up) contaminated sediment and dredged material. Developments in knowledge on in situ as well as ex situ treatment techniques: biological (bioremediation) as well as physical and chemical. Disposal of sediment in depots or pits in open (fresh) water was also included in the scope of this WG. Particular concern was given to the evaluation of technologies and unit processes that have potential for use in a fast-track demonstration at a significant scale.
Contact: Giuseppe Bortone

WG Sediment risk management and communication
Risk management and communication methods of dealing with the risks of contaminated sediments and dredged material and communicating these risks. Examples of specific issues are: the development of Sediment Quality Criteria (chemical, ecological & bioassays, including the developments of a ‘yard stick’ for the results of bioassays), methods of deriving risk (the actual adverse effect of the contaminant) from hazard (the potential of a contaminant to cause harm). Furthermore, the scope of this WG was also on issues related to the communication with, and transparency to public and politicians (local, regional, national and international) by also focusing on education and dissemination of knowledge and risk assessment strategies.
Contact: Susanne Heise