Sediment quality has been at the core of SedNet activities since its inception, promoting and facilitating the exchange among experts and stakeholders on sediment quality and sediment risk assessment from a management perspective. The SedNet Working Group on Sediment Quality aims to coordinate SedNet activities in this thematic area, being a multidisciplinary platform for communication and education about sediment quality and risk assessment and the needs for future action in policy making, also acting as the contact point at SedNet for sediment quality related questions.

The WG Sediment Quality has the following objectives:

  • Increase awareness for sediment quality management, by promoting understanding of the challenges and potential solutions;
  • Information exchange between members on good practices, policy, research and project developments and new approaches to enhance sediment quality management in Europe;
  • To develop or facilitate the preparation of technical documents and open-source, public, web-based information;
  • Setting or developing a strategic action agenda to help bringing forward sediment quality assessment and management strategies at international and cross-sectoral level.

WG membership
SedNet is an open network. Any individual who is professionally occupied with sediment can participate in the SedNet activities, including the activities of the SedNet Working Group on Sediment Quality. Participation is a personal responsibility and encompasses that you share and (co)operate according to the SedNet vision on sediment and its management.
Interested in getting involved in and contribute to this WG? Then please contact the SedNet Secretariat.

Chairs SedNet WG Sediment Quality
Prof. Dr. Susanne Heise, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Dr. Carmen Casado, Swiss Centre for Applied Ecotoxicology, Switzerland

Past events
October 2020: Workshop on The Role of Ecotoxicological Data in Sediment Quality and Dredged Material Assessment Frameworks, virtual workshop,  organized by SedNet, ICES and the Sullied Sediments project. More information available here.

September 2018: Workshop on Sediment Classification and Management Decisions – in situ and ex situ, Hamburg, September 2018, organized by SedNet and the Sullied Sediments project. Read the report here.

Future events
More information available here.

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