The 6th meeting of the SedNet WG “Sediments in Circular Economy” (WGCE6) was again held – due to COVID-19 – as a videoconference on the 24th of February 2022.

The agenda of the meeting was as followed:

1. Welcome and introduction for new members

  • Invite to introduce yourself (all new members)
  • CE steering group: Purpose of Sediment CE group
  • CE steering group: Recap, what did we do in the last 3 years?

2. Recent publications on sediment reuse by other sediment related groups (PIANC and CEDA)

  • Short summary on PIANC paper by Luca Sittoni
  • Short summary on CEDA paper by Arjan Wijdeveld 

3. Progress with regard to SedNet CE own white paper

  • Short summary on current status by Bruno Lemiere
  • What must be worked out by who?
    • Assigning team members to chapters
    • Contact person for each chapter
    • Discussion of new draft by the SedNet CE workgroup (when?)

4. INTERREG SIMONA project: Can we improve sediment sampling protocols in relation to assessing the reusability of sediment?

  • SIMONA project presentation by Gyozo Jordan
  • Possible contribution to CE white paper (Bruno Lemiere)
  • How to continue the SIMONA project results and best practice strategies on sediment sampling in current and new sediment reuse initiatives? (All Present)

Current and new initiatives undertaken by the participants (all present)

Next meeting, location and date, suggestions for site visit (assuming travel is possible in spring/summer)

Please find below the presentations used during the meeting and documents related to the meeting: