3rd meeting WG Sediments in Circular Economy: 23-24 October 2019

After the success of the second Working Group meeting on Sediments in Circular Economy, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in conjunction with the SedNet 2019 conference, we are happy to invite you to the next Working Group (WG CE3), to be held on October 23-24th, 2019, in and near Bremen, Germany. According to participants’ suggestions during WG CE2, the meeting will be longer and a large part will be dedicated to site visits.
It is most important for all of us to understand and share real world experience, in order to promote beneficial use for dredged sediments, without interfering with the role of sediments in their natural habitat. Our primary objective is to achieve a sustainable reduction of waste flows with benefits for the territories around ports, waterways, dams, etc.

Participation to WG CE is free, on a voluntary basis, and requires only your registration by e-mail to the SedNet Secretariat (Marjan.euser@deltares.nl). It is not possible to attend an event without prior registration.

The provisional agenda is as follows:

Oct 22
Individual travel to Bremen. Due to the early start of the program on 23rd, everyone should arrive on 22nd. If you arrive late, please meet us at breakfast on 23rd, 07:00 a.m.
Option: Shared dinner in a restaurant or drink in a bar or similar (would be nice to meet up with everybody)
Accommodation: Hotel in downtown Bremen (for example here: https://goo.gl/maps/UhKz9UdijDgnZ3149). A group booking will be proposed.

Oct 23
08:30   Group travel with bus to Bremenports office in Seehausen: https://goo.gl/maps/4fTNuLXBaP41o63T7
09:00   Whole day WG meeting in Seehausen. The topics selected during WG CE2 will be addressed in subgroups. System-analysis of sediments in a CE, will help to identify leverages to promote the use of sediments in CE. The day program includes also a visit to landfill and dewatering fields (on foot, bring sturdy shoes).
16:00   End of meeting, bus transfer to downtown Bremen, arrival 16:30
18:00   Guided city tour (to be confirmed) followed by dinner
Accommodation: Same hotel in downtown Bremen

Oct 24
08:30   Group travel by bus to Delfzijl/kleirijperij (https://goo.gl/maps/DHqJ35UqqYm7k2Ex6)
10:30   Arrival Delfzijl. Tour of kleirijperij incl. lunch(?)
15:00   Group travel with bus to a drop-off point in NL or back to Bremen
Individual travel home (for participants living close enough to catch an evening ride or flight) or accommodation in the area (please let us know if you wish to stay in Bremen, or prefer to move closer to your airport).

This agenda can still be modified; suggestions for changes can be sent to the SedNet Secretariat.

SedNet will arrange local transportation and lunches, and pre-book rooms, but travel, dinner and accommodation will be on your own expenditure.
Please let us know whether you have the intention to participate to this meeting (incl. indicating day of arrival/departure), so that we can pre-book sufficient hotel accommodation etc.

We look forward to meeting you there!

With kind regards,

Bruno Lemiere – WG CE coordinator
Julia Geberts, Goedele Vanacker, Dirk Dedecker, Arjan Wijdeveld, WG CE animators and WG CE3 organisers.
Marjan Euser – SedNet Secretariat (to whom you should send your intentions for participation).



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