12th International SedNet Conference, Lille (France), mid 2021

“Sediment Challenges and Opportunities with Climate Change, and Sustainable Development Goals” 

co-organised by BRGM   


The next SedNet conference will take place in Lille, mid 2021 (date to be confirmed). The exact venue still to be decided. We expect it will be a great event, following the successful Dubrovnik conference in 2019.

Lille is the capital city of Northern France, an historic and vibrant place with lots of research and education institutes. It is part of the NL-BE-FR EuroRegion, accessible by high speed train connections from UK and Germany too.

Lille is a fantastic place for sediment topics, being surrounded by major ports (Boulogne, Calais, Dunkirk, Zeebrugge, Oostende, Antwerp, Ghent, with Rotterdam not that far) and by a dense transboundary network of large waterways. We hope to be able to offer not only one, but at least two excursions during the conference.

The conference theme shall be: “Sediment Challenges and Opportunities with Climate Change, and Sustainable Development Goals”. It will allow a broad coverage of environmental topics, as well as circular economy issues. A provisional list of topics and sessions is as below: 

  • Climate change and sediments: direct and indirect consequences and opportunities. Sediments in a changing environment
  • How can sediment management influence ecosystem services provision?
  • Circular economy – sediment as a resource. Remediation and uses / building with dredged materials and/or sediments
  • Sediment management concept and sediment policy. Policy for sediment management / transboundary sediments & innovative maintenance of river-delta-sea systems
  • Sediment quality guidance, sediment quality assessment. Assessment and analytical methods, quality guidance
  • How to deal with emerging substances / PFAS / microplastics 
  • Impacts of disturbed sediment continua and mitigation measures? Sediment balance / understanding sediment fluxes and budgets on a river basin scale/ HORIZON Europe, land use impact of sustainable sediment management
  • Sediments in the coastal-marine zone management and EU strategies (HORIZON Europe, Blue Growth, etc.)

Possible other topics include:

  • Sustainable Food Production and/or consumption solutions and their effect on sediments and climate change (and vice versa)
  • Sediments in historical and recent mining areas – effects of remedial measures

A call for papers will be issued in summer 2020 – prepare your abstracts and stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing you in Lille and have a great time together.