3rd SedNet Conference, 25-26 November 2004

Presentations (in pdf format)
The SedNet Project; Introduction – Jos Brils, NL
Work package 2: Contaminated Sediment Transfers in River Basins: Information for Understanding the System. Conclusions and Recommendations – Kevin G. Taylor, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Work package 2: Delta Blues: Culture, stakeholders and sediments – Adriaan Slob, NL
Work package 2: Frameworks for sediment management at the river basin scale – By Sue White, Institute of Water and Environment, Cranfield University, UK. Presented by: Amy M.P. Oen, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
Work package 2: Sediment management at the basin scale: Justification and needs – Phil Owens, National Soil Resources Institute, UK
Harmonisation and standardisation of sediment assays and monitoring strategies– P.-D. Hansen, Technische Universität Berlin
Work package 3: Quality and Impact assessment – Prof. Dr. Damià Barceló, IIQAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
Work package 3: Sediment quality guidelines – Dr Mark Scrimshaw, Imperial College, London
Work package 4: An overview of sediment and dredged material treatment – Giuseppe Bortone, Emilia-Romagna Region, Bologna – Italy
Work package 4: Assessment tools of treatment concepts for contaminated dredged sediments – Kay Hamer, University of Bremen
Work package 4: Dredged Material Treatment Technologies in Europe – Pol Hakstege, Aquatic Sediment Expert Centre, Ministry of Transport Public Works and Water Management, NL
Work package 5: European sediment regulations: Gaps and bridges – Helge Bergmann, Federal Institute of Hydrology, Koblenz, Germany
Work package 5: Importance and Implications of Risk Perspectives and Communication in Sediment Management – Susanne Heise, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
Work package 5: Scale Issues in Sediment Risk Management; Conceptual and Practical Approaches – Dr. Sabine E. Apitz, SEA Environmental Decisions, UK
Danube: Perspectives for development of monitoring of sediments in Bulgaria – Draganova
Danube: Sediment Quality Management under the ICPDR – Igor Liška
Danube: Water flow and sediment transport in the lower Danube river. Romanian retrospective and perspective – Dan Batuca
Speakers Corners Statements
Stakeholders: Beyond A European Perspective on Sediment Management. What Really is the Future… – EA Stern
Stakeholders: Future of Sediment Management in Europe: The Perspective From Industry – Philippa Scott
Stakeholders: UNESCO International Hydrological Programme – Philippe Pypaert
Stakeholders: Perspective on sediment management in European rivers – Paul de Beijer