Dioxin in the Elbe river basin

A group of sediment researchers recently published a discussion paper “Dioxin in the Elbe river basin: policy and science under the Water Framework Directive 2000–2015 and toward 2021” in the Journal “Environmental Sciences Europe”, see http://enveurope.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s12302-016-0075-8.


It seems that the critical analysis along the River Basin Community Elbe background document “Pollutants” (12/2015) could provide a practical regional supplement to the general information “Sediment in WFD Reporting 2016” given by Igor Liska (ICPDR) in the SedNet eNewsletter of May 2016 (https://sednet.org/news/newsletter/newsletter-may-2016).

In the Elbe River case, special emphasis is devoted to the land–sea interface (Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/EC).


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PIANC Think Climate coalition – 1st newsletter

This newsletter describes some of the work currently underway to deliver the actions set out in the Navigating a Changing Climate Action Plan. It also announces the forthcoming 2017 international conference in Brussels.

February newsletter

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INSPIRATION – First Newsletter

The EU H2020 project “INSPIRATION” started in 2015. The project aims at establishing a demand-driven Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for land use, land-use changes and soil management in Europe, and to improve the supply and effectiveness of science/knowledge take-up related to the soil-sediment-water system.
The first newsletter of INSPIRATION was published in January 2016 and can be found on

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REFORM (REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management)

The final results of the FP7 project REFORM (REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management) are all available online. The project team sincerely hope that the results will contribute to conserve and restore rivers, streams, riparian zones and floodplains worldwide. The project ended October 2015.

REFORM has generated substantial outputs to support the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive:
over 30 deliverables and 60 scientific publications (see http://www.reformrivers.eu/, Menu item RESULTS). For application in river management, relevant results are summarised user-friendly in the REFORM wiki. Furthermore, the outcomes of REFORM have been discussed and disseminated through stakeholder workshops, an international scientific conference, a summer school, numerous presentations, newsletters, policy briefs and discussion papers.

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SedNet is supporter of the PIANC Think Climate initiative

23 December 2015

The initiative aims to raise awareness about the challenges associated with navigating a changing climate by developing understanding and providing technical support to the waterborne transport infrastructure sector.  More info here.

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9 July 2015

Following the ICWRER conference of 2013, recently the book “Sediment Matters” has been published by Springer.
This book presents insights into the complex processes controlling sediment behavior in river basins and into state of the art integrated sediment management concepts. Main topics are: sediment transport, modeling sediment transfer in rivers, sediment quality, sediment monitoring and integrated sediment management at catchment scale. Interlinkages of sediment dynamics and quality with biogeochemistry, ecology, climate change and human activities are discussed. Drivers, boundary conditions and processes of erosion, sediment transport and sedimentation are presented with the aim to help the reader putting sediment quantity and quality issues into perspective.

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