Joined SedNet Working Groups Workshop and Meeting 3 – 5 June 2024 in Hamburg, Germany

From June 4-5, the SedNet workshop was held in Hamburg, Germany, bringing together experts, researchers, and professionals to discuss the latest developments and innovations in sediment management. On June 4th, the Working Group Circular Economy and the Working Group Quality held joint sessions, while the Working Group Education-Science-Policy Interfacing & Sediment Management Concepts (ESPI-SMC) also organised a session.

On June 5th, the excursion took place to the METHA Plant, the dewatering and S25 Project fields. The site visits were followed by a guided boat tour through the Harbor of Hamburg. The excursion day concluded with a delightful dinner.

The workshop was a fantastic opportunity for networking, learning, and sharing knowledge with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Below you will find the workshop program, the summaries of the workshops and presentations.

To give you an impression of the SedNet workshop, we have compiled a short aftermovie.

Thank you to all participants and presenters during the workshop days. If you are interested in learning more about SedNet activities or joining a working group, please reach out to the SedNet secretariat.

Contact Persons:

Working Group Sediment Quality:
Susanne Heise (Hamburg University of Applied Science, Germany) / Carmen Casado (Centre Ecotox, Switzerland)

Working Group Circular Economy:
Arjan Wijdeveld (Deltares, The Netherlands) / Julia Gebert (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)

Education-Science-Policy Interfacing & Sediment Management Concepts:
Edward Van Keer (Flemish Government, Belgium) / Cristina Ponte Lira (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

For the site visit:
Karsten Lehmann (Port of Hamburg, Waterside Infrastructure, Germany)

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14th International SedNet Conference 2025

Save the Date: 14th International SedNet Conference, 2025

We are pleased to announce the 14th International SedNet Conference, which will be held from October 6–10, 2025, at the University of Madrid in Madrid, Spain. The conference theme is “Healthy Sediments.”

SedNet LinkedIn Conference Madrid

Stay tuned for more details about the conference and the call for abstracts!

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Remembrance of Antonella Ausili

A few days ago, Antonella Ausili left us after a long and courageous battle against an illness that, still in 2024, seems indestructible. Research manager and highly esteemed researcher in the field of integrated assessment and protection of coastal marine environments at a national and international level, she was, for many of us, a determined and prepared colleague, a friend always ready to listen and advise, a solid point of reference and welcoming, with a strong sense of humanity, a sense of irony and the ability to play down even difficult situations; an approach that helped her a lot even during her illness, aware of her state but confident and serene, with that lightness that didn’t make her look away from what was really important.

We like to keep the memory of the moments of Antonella: her voice in the early morning when she greeted everyone as she arrived, the sampling surveys spent together, the meetings and projects she actively joined, the always very lively discussions, her smile when she realized she had done something wrong, her teasing, her being “dazed” as she often called herself.

Antonella has been a prominent member of the Steering Group of the international sediment management network SedNet since 2008. An advocate for the importance of sediments in a healthy ecosystem.

This is what Antonella was: an always present and attentive person, both at work and in everyday life. She leaves us a huge, difficult void to fill, but we’ll try to move forward.

Our deepest condolences go out to her family and all those who were close to her during this difficult time.

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JSS Special Issue: SedNet 2023 Submission Deadline Extension

“Sediment continuum: applying an integrated management approach”

For the JSS Special Issue, “Sediment continuum: applying an integrated management approach”, we invite manuscripts that have been presented as talks or posters at the SedNet 2023 conference aiming to explore various challenges and proposed solutions related to sediments.

We welcome theoretical and case studies that address, among other topics, quantification and management of sediment movement, sediment quality assessment, sediment health and ecosystem service provision, excess sediment and its reuse, anthropogenic impact assessment, sediment conservation, sediment exploitation, climate change impacts on sediments, and an integrated management approach that enables the sediment continuum. The goal of this issue is to bring together in one volume the new research on sediments presented at the SedNet 2023 conference that has gone through the thorough peer-review process, to make it available to a broader audience, and to highlight the importance of addressing sediment management issues and the impacts of global climate change on sediment quantity and quality.

Guest editors: Jasmina Obhodas (PhD), Marta Castellote (PhD), Susanne Heise (PhD), Elena Romano (PhD) & Cristina Ponte Lira (PhD).

The submission deadline is extended to the 29th of February 2024.

For manuscript submission, please follow the additional instruction and choose “SI SedNet 2023” under “Additional Information” on the JSS platform. This option becomes visible after selecting “Research Article” as the article type.

View the special issue on the JSS website here:

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CEDA Dredging Days 2024

“Dredging in a changing world, leading science and business in the dredging industry”

CEDA Dredging Days is the flagship conference of CEDA and is the main event on the dredging industry calendar in the CEDA (EMEA) region. It is widely considered to be the primary forum for leading researchers and industry experts, to share ideas, discuss challenges and consider potential solutions. The conference is well-attended by professionals representing the entire cross-section of the dredging field, from across the CEDA region and beyond. As such, it is also appreciated for the exceptional networking opportunities it offers.

Date: 27 – 29 May 2024

Location: WTC Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

More information about the upcoming conference is available below.

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SedNet Conference 2023: Logistic information

Dear SedNet Conference 2023 Participants, 

To support your travel arrangements, we have put together a document with logistical information for the conference. It is recommended that you save this document on your device, as it covers travel instructions, includes a campus map, and provides links to aid in your trip planning. Additionally, participants attending the conference dinner and excursion will discover further details within the document.


For those who are participating in the excursion, please note that the designated meeting point is the conference’s location, C6 building of the Faculty of Science.

The excursion will commence at 8:30 and will include visits to the captivating Lisbon port, renowned for its maritime significance, and the unique Crismina Dune Field, known for its distinct ecological features. A lunch break is planned, offering a moment of reprieve before we proceed to explore the scenic Cascais beaches. The conclusion of the excursion is estimated to be around 17:00, with drop-off once again at the Faculty of Sciences.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the SedNet Secretariat.

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SedNet Conference 2023: Conference dinner venue

Dear Confernce Participants, 

We are excited to unveil the conference dinner’s venue. The dinner will be held at the Museu da Cerveja, also known as the ‘beer museum’. This unique location promises an unforgettable experience. Beyond the dinner festivities, you will have the opportunity to explore the museum’s offerings before, during, and after the dinner proceedings.

We have prepared a downloadable PDF document with the relevant logistic information for your convenience:

We look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with all of you.

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SedNet Conference 2023: Registration

The SedNet Conference 2023 will bring together leading experts, researchers, and professionals from various disciplines to explore the fascinating field of sediment management. With carefully curated sessions and a diverse lineup of speakers, we are confident that this conference will stimulate compelling discussions, provide valuable insights, and create an exceptional networking opportunity for all attendees.

We encourage you to register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot at the SedNet Conference 2023. To secure your participation, please register via Converia using the following link:

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the conference and look forward to sharing knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities with you and other distinguished professionals in the field.

The conference will be held from 6th to 8th September at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

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Remembrance of Professor Goran Dave

It is with heavy hearts that we share the obituaries of Professor Goran Dave, who passed away on March 20, 2023, at the age of 77. Goran was an esteemed researcher in sediment toxicity, and his contributions to the scientific field will forever be remembered.

Two articles dedicated to Goran’s life and work have just been published, commemorating his impactful legacy.

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SedNet considerations and recommendations regarding EQS sediment implementation

SedNet wants to raise some concerns and recommendations regarding the intention to set EQS in sediments such as currently proposed for TBT.

Please find the letter to the chair of WFD CIS SCG of the European Commission, Dr. Claudia Olazabal, here.

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