Workshop NavClimate-SedNet 10-11 Feb 2021

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Online workshop Sediment management opportunities to address the climate change challenge.
The workshop is organised by the Navigating a Changing Climate partners with the collaboration of SedNet.
The workshop will comprise two consecutive half-day sessions.  Its aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange, disseminate good practice, highlight opportunities, and identify gaps in understanding or research needs in relation to the four topics mentioned below, with an emphasis on ports, waterways, dredging and associated infrastructure/ activities.
It promises to be an inspiring workshop for sediment practitioners (policy and management) as well as scientists. Invited key-note speakers and selected abstracts will address in the following (non-parallel) sessions – with room for Q&A – these four topics:

1. Role of sediment management in carbon sequestration and storage: opportunities to contribute to a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions;

2. Sediments and climate change adaptation: seeking flexible and adaptive solutions to strengthen resilience and adapt port and navigation infrastructure and operations;

3. Habitat enhancement and creation, Working-with-Nature and other nature-based solutions;

4. Sediment management, circular economy and the waste hierarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle.

The four workshop sessions conclude with a panel discussion and an interactive session with the audience to determine:

– Key climate change-related challenges for sediment managers;

– Key opportunities for sediment management to contribute to addressing the climate change challenge;

– Key topics for further research and development.

For more detailed information on this workshop see the Programme. 

To register for participation please email the SedNet Secretariat before 6 February.